Rational DOORS Next Generation

Manage requirements efficiently to reduce your development costs, quality costs and time to market

Improve requirements management with this scalable solution

IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation provides a scalable solution to optimize communication, collaboration and verification of requirements. It enables you to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements while maintaining compliance to regulations and standards. With DOORS you can improve the management of project scope and cost throughout your organization and supply chain. This software is available on premises and in the cloud, which allows you to get up and running quickly so that your team can focus on your organization’s core competency.

Increase satisfaction
Understand customer needs and respond effectively to changes collaboratively as they occur.
Manage compliance
Capture and manage traceability to tests and other engineering artifacts, including software, throughout the product development lifecycle.
Reduce cost
Improve performance to help your teams reduce development costs by up to 57 percent, accelerate time to market by up to 20 percent and lower cost of quality by up to 69 percent.
Improve engineering efficiency
Support common application conventions, such as user experience and design standards, to provide a unified, seamless experience in multi-tool solutions.
Support all domains for requirement
Drive software and systems engineering with requirements in all forms of engineering domains including systems engineering, agile/lean/SAFe, continuous engineering and DevOps.
Accelerate time to value with cloud
Use the cloud to get up and running faster. With no hardware, provisioning or installation needed, your team can focus on your business goals and technological innovation instead of maintenance.

Product overview:

Features of IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation offers tools for capturing, tracing and analyzing requirements for complex products and systems as part of the IBM Watson® Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio. It allows you to take control of your project costs with change and configuration management built directly into the requirements tool. This software is available on premises and in the cloud.
Requirements management solution users can manage change across the product lifecycle for faster impact assessment and better quality. They can explore information with more granularity with individually managed information and artifacts. You can assess the impact of changes more quickly by linking change requests to requirements. Drag-and-drop traceability is also supported. This software allows you to utilize proven models and templates for certification and compliance.
Word processor or spreadsheet users can benefit from having all their requirements available from a secure, central and accessible location. They can understand what changes have been made and who made them, when they were made and what they affect. They can organize, trace and link priorities and requirements across the development lifecycle; or view history, reviews and discussion comments within the context of the document. Create multiple views with a different perspective of data.
IBM has a long history of working with business partners that understand the challenges of requirements management. IBM surrounds these partners with the right tools, training, expertise and support to help their clients become industry leaders in managing requirements efficiently. Visit the Jazz.net site for a list of partners with Ready for IBM Rational validated integrations to Jazz-based products and cloud partners that host Jazz solutions.
Systems and software engineering teams can improve collaboration and project agility through concurrent editing, automated versioning and effective prioritization. They can access requirements databases concurrently across multiple users without conflict or disruption, while ensuring that teams use consistent terminology with an integrated glossary. Visualize information through customizable dashboards and automated reporting. Edit, author and analyze artifacts on a feature-rich web client.
IBM Rational DOORS 9 users who want a single-server or purely web-based requirements solution can create a stronger collaboration among multi-disciplinary product development teams. Access a single server solution across disciplines, time zones and teams. Integrate with IBM Rational Team Concert™, IBM Rational Quality Manager and IBM Rational Rhapsody® Design Manager on IBM Jazz™ collaborative lifecycle management platform. Migrate easily from Rational DOORS using a built-in migration tool.
IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation - List of artifacts
IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation - Sample module
IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation - Process customization - custom artifacts and links
IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation - Project dashboard
IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation - Change and task management
IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation - Report capabilities
IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation - Single artifact (requirement)
IBM Rational Team Concert (part of DNG) - Change management module
IBM Rational Team Concert (part of DNG) - Planning capabilities
IBM Rational Team Concert (part of DNG) - Work Item query engine
IBM Rational Team Concert (part of DNG) - Quick planner
IBM Rational Team Concert (part of DNG) - Managing product backlog