IBM Rational Rhapsody Model Manager

Collaborative design management software that helps share, trace, review and manage designs

How can Rational Rhapsody Model Manager help my business?

IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® Model Manager is collaborative design management software built on the IBM Jazz™ platform that helps design team members and stakeholders share, trace, review and manage designs.

Use IBM® Rhapsody® Model Manager, the new design management server for IBM Rational® Rhapsody, to extend Rhapsody models to the web, create traceability to the development lifecycle and take advantage of advanced configuration management in global configurations.

Rhapsody Model Manager is the latest in design management technology that enables teams to architect, design, and develop systems and software in an iterative and collaborative way.

Improve data handling
Store, share, search and manage designs and models using a central system repository with web-based access.
Collaborate more effectively
Suppliers, customers, contractors and other extended stakeholders can easily access information through a web client.
Automate design reviews
Allow stakeholders to facilitate the communication of requirements, speed decision making and improve quality.
Streamline reporting
Create comprehensive documentation for specifications, communication, compliance and reporting.

Features of IBM Rational Model Manager

With IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® Model Manager, you can store and access designs from a central location and use up-to-date content with linked lifecycle data—no data refreshing is needed. You can search, view and analyze designs on the server from IBM Rational Rhapsody or a web client and do impact analysis and discovery of related design elements and resources using the relationship diagram feature.
IBM Rational Rhapsody Model Manager automates reviews, specifying the design and stakeholder review team. You can view the design, attach comments and mark up the design through the web or rich client. Improve the quality of your teams’ work by ensuring the extended team has direct input into updates and corrections. You can plan and track projects by linking design reviews to IBM Rational Team Concert™ work items.
Teams worldwide can access designs, review them and do trace analysis using web browsers. With IBM Rational Rhapsody Model Manager, team members can determine how their tasks relate to designs with traceable links to work items, requirements and test cases. Web-based sketching allows for quick team collaboration on design ideas, and impact analysis diagrams identify related design elements and linked resources.
Generate documents using templates, access design information through open interfaces for document generation and create custom templates using IBM Rational Publishing Engine. Use Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) links to understand the impact of design changes on requirements.