Rational Team Concert

Use one tool to collaborate across teams, manage code, run standup meetings, plan sprints and track work.

What Rational Team Concert can do for your business

IBM Rational Team Concert manages plans, tasks, project status, as the critical link between required and delivered work. Rational Team Concert provides flexibility to adapt to any process, which enables companies to adopt faster release cycles and manage dependencies across both small and complex development projects. This solution offers no-charge server software and flexible pricing models. It becomes a complete Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution—when purchased as a set of seamlessly integrated tools: IBM Rational Team Concert, IBM Rational Quality Manager, and IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation.

Work smarter and faster
Work on the right things with work tasks that link plans with development and execution.
Bring teams together
Linked work enables teams to find, fix and test things faster than using isolated, disjointed tools with fragile integration.
Project reporting made easy
Stay on top of activities and overall progress with simple, automated cross-project reporting with a single view of the truth.
Reliable and repeatable work
Learn, adapt and change your process to meet your needs. Make every team high-performing by sharing best practices.
Accelerate time to value
Use the cloud to get up and running faster leaving you to focus on innovation.

Product overview:

Features of IBM Rational Team Concert

Built-in work item and change-set traceability reduces the complexity of identifying precisely what went into a build. Need to reuse work? Simply drag the change sets associated with that work item into your workspace.
The software provides advanced software version control, workspace management, distributed source control and parallel development support to individuals and teams. It improves productivity by automatically tracking changes to artifacts. RTC enables a virtually unlimited suspend-and-resume feature to handle work interruptions.
Using customizable portal views, you can access information about multiple projects such as news and events, current build status, work in progress and changes that were requested. You can see what other teammates are working on, and view their online status and availability.
Keep your teams on target with report automation, analytics and dashboards for predictable outcomes. Any user can build custom reports or use one of hundreds of available preconfigured reports.
Rational Team Concert software automatically creates and tracks the progress of individual work items according to the team’s agile, SAFe or custom process. Efficiently plan sprints across teams and programs.
IBM Rational Team Concert - Continous Integration module
IBM Rational Team Concert - Planning capabilities
IBM Rational Team Concert - Project dashboard
IBM Rational Team Concert - Work Item query engine
IBM Rational Team Concert - Quick planner
IBM Rational Team Concert - Report example
IBM Rational Team Concert - List of available reports
IBM Rational Team Concert - Source Code Mananagement module
IBM Rational Team Concert - Opening a task
IBM Rational Team Concert - Change management module
IBM Rational Team Concert - Managing product backlog