IBM UrbanCode Release

Manage the release of interdependent applications, infrastructure changes and simultaneous deployments of multiple applications.

What it can do for your business?

IBM UrbanCode Release manages the release of complex interdependent applications, infrastructure changes and simultaneous deployments of multiple applications. This software enables you to plan, execute and track a release through every stage of the lifecycle model. IBM UrbanCode Release helps to reduce errors while making large releases faster and more agile.

IBM also provides a new bundled offering under a new consumption model that changes the way you can use and deploy DevOps software. The new offering helps simplify your planning for adoption and growth of critical IBM DevOps products. Read more in the solution brief below.

Collaborative release planning
Includes a full set of capabilities designed to reduce the time spent in release planning meetings and reviews.
Environment management
Makes it easier to allocate environments to the development and testing phases in a release, providing better visibility and control.
Streamlined release execution
Provides processes to facilitate release tracking, email notifications and automatic promotion to early environments.
Integration capabilities
Enables interfaces with IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM UrbanCode Deploy, and responds to notifications and tasks with the new iOS mobile app.

Feature spotlights

Track which releases are using particular environments to help ensure that code is deployed to the appropriate environment. Define unique process requirements for specific environments. Perform both repeatable environment-specific tasks and configuration tasks that are executed only once.
Identify the list of applications participating in a release; define release process checklist items such as documentation reviews, project kickoff dates and release-ready review dates; and establish production dates for a given year that applications opt into.
View the business content of a release from the release management solution by integrating IBM Rational Team Concert with IBM UrbanCode Release. Enable automated deployments that are triggered during the deployment of a multi-application release by integrating IBM UrbanCode Deploy with IBM UrbanCode Release. Respond to notifications and tasks, anywhere, anytime—breaking free from the desktop and the office—with near real-time access to release and deployment status from the new iOS mobile app.
Gain visibility into every part of the release with the reusable Deployment Plan while tracking tasks assigned to users, roles and automated systems. The Deployment Plan automatically disseminates changes to the plan to other scheduled deployments that use the same master plan; it supports simplified plans for continuous delivery in early integration and testing environments.
Construct a reusable release process template (called a “Lifecycle”) to describe the path to production through the development and testing phases. Define lifecycles for different types of releases and business units. Specify quality gates to ensure that the software meets the specified criteria for a phase before being deployed into an environment.
With the new IBM Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment bundle, IBM delivers a new consumption model based on FlexPoints. FlexPoints can be purchased and allocated across the applications included in the bundle according to needs of the business.