IBM UrbanCode Velocity

Increase velocity and measure DevOps maturity by orchestrating your releases and pipelines with DevOps tool integrations and real-time analytics.

What it can do for your business?

IBM UrbanCode Velocity provides actionable insights based on key performance indicators to help application delivery teams move faster and release better software. With historical and real-time views of deployments, errors, and delays, you can see how value flows through your delivery pipelines and where bottlenecks disrupt flow.

When teams need to coordinate at a higher level than promoting a single service, UrbanCode Velocity helps them make a “pipeline of pipelines” to easily coordinate multiple continuous delivery pipelines together.

Tame fragmented pipelines
Bring together service pipelines into coherent release pipelines - even across different Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery tools. See where everything is and coordinate delivery.
Optimize the value stream
Equip DevOps transformation teams with cycle time data to show where you are slow and what to do about it.
Manage enterprise releases
Schedule and coordinate large enterprise release trains with visibility into work items and deployment activities.
Prepare for audits
Audit reports make it easier than ever to show that automation is complemented with appropriate controls and visibility into who has done what.

Feature spotlights

Coordinate multiple continuous delivery pipelines together regardless of the tool being used. You can view pipelines composed from a variety of builds, continuous delivery, and deployment automation tools as if it is one pipeline. Integrate with your existing pipeline processes from Jenkins, UrbanCode Deploy, and JIRA stories.
Simplify data gathering and interpretation about your releases. Real-time report information provides visibility into DevOps metrics, such as cycle length, deployment volumes, and team and application performance. This information is vital to identifying bottlenecks as well as areas of improvement.
Govern your software release process using release process templates which define automated and manual deployment steps and approvals to streamline activity. Task status is always available to view when you want. Receive information to keep your releases on track, such as: alerts for deployments behind schedule and approval notifications.
Get a Helm chart for installation into a Kubernetes cluster as well as instructions for deploying as a Docker Compose application.