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IBM – Announcing the General Availability of IBM Concert

Introducing IBM Concert: Control your operations with generative AI insights

The scale and complexity of the tools required to manage and maintain modern applications can be overwhelming, often leading to operational inefficiencies and increased vulnerability. But what if you could communicate directly with your applications using a chatbot to better understand their health status and take the necessary actions to improve their performance?

IBM Concert provides generative AI-powered insights that put you in control, simplifying and optimizing your operations across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. Powered by IBM watsonx™, Concert uses generative AI to cut through the complexity of application management. This allows application owners and site reliability engineers to perform near real-time data and dependency mapping, proactively uncovering and addressing operational challenges while predicting issues such as risk exposure.

IBM Concert offers comprehensive insights into your application landscape, helping you understand connections, dependencies, gaps, and opportunities within your application architecture. Seamlessly integrating with your existing environment and toolsets, Concert enables real-time data mapping and proactive actions based on recommendations and automations.

IBM Concert - User Interface
After collecting all relevant data, Concert generates a unified view of your application, allowing you to see its predefined structure. By harnessing generative AI, Concert unlocks new opportunities for optimization and innovation, ensuring your applications operate at peak performance.
By drawing data from various environments, applications, and toolsets, Concert analyzes dependencies and connections to provide a 360-degree view of your application. This enables you to generate outcome-driven business insights about risk, compliance, cost, security, and more. Using a natural language interface and data visualization, you can easily drill down into the most pressing application issues and receive relevant suggestions to improve your applications.
  • Gain Full Application Visibility
    • Concert provides a 360-degree view of the entire application lifecycle, helping you proactively identify critical IT challenges and opportunities across siloed environments, applications, and toolsets.
  • Uncover Actionable Insights with Generative AI
    • Concert integrates generative AI capabilities into your existing tools, enhancing decision-making and enabling continuous application optimization.
  • Manage and Mitigate Application Risks
    • Concert ranks common vulnerabilities and exposures according to their impact on your application, including operational disruptions and the cascading effects of expired certificates, enabling focused and efficient risk mitigation.
  • Maintain Application Compliance
    • Concert helps prevent deviations from security and compliance standards by assessing the impact of development decisions on your application’s security and compliance requirements in near-real time.

With Concert, your IT teams can identify and understand issues through proactive gap discovery, uncovering insights and prioritizing actions to improve business-critical applications at the right time for the right outcomes. Take the next step in your application management journey with Concert.

More Information:

You can find the official announcement here: Introducing IBM Concert: Control your operations with generative AI insights.

For the product page, please visit: IBM Concert Product Page.


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