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HCL DevOps Test (HCL OneTest)

API testing, functional UI testing, performance testing and service virtualization.

What is HCL DevOps Test (HCL OneTest)?

HCL DevOps Test provides software testing tools to support a DevOps approach: API testing, functional UI testing, performance testing and service virtualization. It helps you automate and run tests earlier and more frequently to discover errors sooner—when they are less costly to fix.

HCL also provides a new bundled offering under a new consumption model that changes the way you can use and deploy DevOps software. The new offering helps simplify your planning for adoption and growth of critical HCL DevOps products.

HCL DevOps Test (HCL OneTest) - Solutions

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UI Testing

HCL DevOps Test UI enables testers to take automation all the way from mainframe terminals with 3270 interfaces, through .NET- and Java-based thick client applications.

Additionally, it works with the latest top browsers, ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle, right up to HTML5-based responsive web applications that are built on modern frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.js.

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Performance Testing

HCL DevOps Test Performance allows for quickly executing performance tests that analyze the impact of load on applications.

Testers can validate the scalability of web and server-based applications, identify the presence and cause of system performance bottlenecks, while tracking performance changes between versions. 

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API Testing

HCL DevOps Test API triggers and validates a system’s APIs across a range of network protocols and message formats.

It allows test cases to examine individual exchanges within larger transactions. This can be done in a non-intrusive manner using the same technologies for recording and service virtualization.

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Data Fabrication

HCL DevOps Test Data generates mock data for testing environments and generates synthetic data sets without the risk of data leaks or privacy issues, all on demand.

With a powerful built-in API, testers can generate data in a number of different ways including the use of predefined datasets, data generation rules, or with custom data generation scripts for any environment.

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Service Virtualization

HCL DevOps Test Virtualization simulates missing system components to enable faster development and testing. It listens for network traffic in the same fashion as the real service, allowing development and testing activities to continue when the real service is unavailable.

Additionally, it checks for incoming messages, processes those messages, and responds according to the behavior described.

Feature spotlights of HCL DevOps Test (HCL OneTest)

Simplify test creation with testing and code-free authoring

Story-board testing with HCL DevOps Test simplifies the creation of functional and regression tests, combining natural language test narrative with visual editing. Code-free test authoring allows you to create, modify and execute tests without programming knowledge. Visual and forms-based editors and wizards simplify the implementation of test sequences, data-driven testing and validation of expected results. 

Script-less, visual performance test and workload models

Automatic management of dynamic server responses accelerates the delivery of large-scale performance test suites. An automatic data correlation engine reduces the effort to develop and maintain large, multi-user load sets. The data correlation engine can recognize server responses that are dependent on user data entry and automatically identify them for reuse in later server requests. Users can extend the data correlation engine with rules for custom applications with unique dynamic behavior. 

Emulate workloads accurately with realistic user scenarios

The graphical workload scheduler in HCL DevOps Test simplifies the modeling of different user groups and load conditions. Built-in synchronization points improve the control of workflows and simulated stress points on the server. Users can also quickly and easily compare performance metrics and analyze multiple load scenarios in a single test run. 

Extensibility and support for standards and protocols

HCL DevOps Test extensibility features, including Java code insertion, custom data transformations, user interface proxy software development kit and user-defined correlation rules and application programming interfaces enable you to adapt legacy or custom services. In addition, comprehensive functional, integration and performance testing support legacy and modern architectures, including IBM, TIBCO, Software AG, SAP, Oracle and other integration environments. 

Continuous integration testing

With DevOps Test you can develop service-level tests by recording existing system behavior, using Business Process Execution Language models or modeling data exchange in the visual test designer. By integrating with the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management solution you can automatically schedule and execute tests when a new application build is available. Unavailable services can also be stubbed out, helping ensure agile and continuous integration while reducing risks for application delivery. 


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