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IBM Engineering Rhapsody

Provides a proven solution for modeling and design activities that helps you deliver higher quality systems and software faster

What can IBM Engineering Rhapsody do for your company?

The IBM® Engineering Rhapsody® family of products offers a proven solution for modeling and design activities that allows you to manage the complexity many organizations face with product and systems development. It provides a collaborative design, development and test environment for systems engineers and software engineers that supports UML, SysML and AUTOSAR. The solution also allows for control of defense frameworks (DoDAF, MODAF and UPDM) and complies with standards such as DO-178, ISO 26262.collaborative way.

Offers continuous validationicon smarterprocces

Offers continuous validation

Get continuous validation via rapid simulation, prototyping and execution to address errors earlier when they are less costly to fix. 

Provides automatic consistency checkingicon smarterprocces

Provides automatic consistency checking

Use automatic consistency checking to enhance agility and improve reuse with collaboration to reduce both recurring and non-recurring costs. 

Collaborate with your engineering team icon

Collaborate with your engineering team

Share, collaborate and review your engineering lifecycle artifacts created with IBM Engineering Rhapsody or other design tools, such as Mathworks Simulink, with the extended engineering team. 

Discover how IBM Engineering Rhapsody products work

Analyze and elaborate project requirements

IBM® Engineering Rhapsody® Architect for Systems Engineers can help your team design complex functionality in less time. It provides a low-cost system engineering environment that lets you analyze and elaborate requirements, make architecture trade-offs with parametric evaluations, and document designs. The software automatically creates systems specifications, interface design documents and systems test cases using SysML, UML, AUTOSAR or UPDM. 

Prototype, simulate and execute designs for early validation

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Designer for Systems Engineers includes all the capabilities of Rhapsody Architect for Systems Engineers plus allows you to prototype, simulate and execute designs for early validation of requirements, architecture and behavior. It is a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) environment using the industry-standard SysML and UML. It helps you adapt to changing customer requirements, improves productivity and reduces time-to-market with advanced validation and simulation. 

Rapidly move from design to implementation

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Architect for Software lets you rapidly move from design to implementation. It offers a low-cost integrated software engineering environment to graphically architect C++, C or Java applications using UML or AUTOSAR. Reuse existing code with reverse engineering or generate code frames (including MISRA-C and MISRA-C++). Automatically synchronize design and code, generate design documentation and graphically specify test cases. 

Work in an embedded, real-time agile engineering environment

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Developer offers an embedded and real-time agile software engineering environment with full application generation for C++, C, Java and Ada (including MISRA-C and MISRA-C++). It also provides rapid prototyping and simulation for design-level debugging, automated build generation for continuous integration and support for safety-critical software lifecycle—in addition to the capabilities of Engineering Rhapsody Architect for Software. 

Automate design reviews and generate documentation

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Model Manager helps cross-discipline teams collaborate, share, review and manage designs and models using a central repository with web-based access. Suppliers and customers can access information through a web client. The software automates design reviews with stakeholders to facilitate the communication of requirements, speed decision-making and improve quality. You can create comprehensive documentation for specifications, communication, compliance and reporting. 


Software and Systems Engineering are our passions.

At SmarterProcess, we always try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and the projects we deliver are always done with passion and a focus on tangible results.

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