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IBM Engineering Test Management

Increase efficiency and quality of software delivery with test planning, workflow control, tracking, and metrics reporting.

What can IBM Engineering Test Management do for your company?

IBM Engineering Test Management is a collaborative, web-based, quality management solution that offers comprehensive test planning and test asset management from requirements to defects. Built on the Jazz platform, it enables teams to seamlessly share information. It uses automation to speed project schedules and report on metrics for informed release decisions. It can also be purchased as part of the EngineeringLifecycle Management solution—a set of seamlessly integrated tools: IBM Enginering Workflow Management, IBM Engineering Test Management and IBM Engineering Requirements Management.

Work smarter and fastericon smarterprocces

Work smarter and faster

Work on the right things with work tasks that link plans with development and execution.

Use comprehensive test plansicon smarterprocces

Use comprehensive test plans

Use test plans that are customizable live artifacts which capture a variety of testing activity dimensions.
Meet regulatory requirementsicon smarterprocces

Meet regulatory requirements

Provides help to meet regulatory requirements and get ready for compliance audits.
Get reporting with a purpose icon

Get reporting with a purpose

Always have an accurate real-time status without having to ping each and every team member.
Run test scripts quicklyicon smarterprocces

Run test scripts quickly

Accelerate manual testing using rich text, in-line images and assisted data entry and validation for precise test definition and execution.
Accelerate time to value icon

Accelerate time to value

Use the cloud to get up and running faster and focus on technological innovation.
Better manage your machinesicon smarterprocces

Better manage your machines

Whether it is a test lab or virtual machines, track all your lab resources in one place. Make sure that the required resources to execute your test plan are available.

Product overview

Features of IBM Engineering Test Management

Requirement tools integration

IBM Engineering Test Management works with the IBM Engineering requirement management tool. You can link test cases and mark them as suspect whenever requirements are modified.

Communications support

Support communication among teams that are geographically dispersed using features such as event feeds, integrated chat, review, and approval and automated traceability.

Automation tools integration

IBM Engineering Test Management integrates with many test automation tools including IBM, Mercury (HP) and open-source tools. Execute tests with all kinds of tools and collect test results—all from a central location.

Advanced reporting capabilities

Address the needs and concerns of quality managers, business analysts and release management using advanced reporting capabilities, making it easier to assess readiness for delivery.

Comprehensive test plans

Test plans clearly describe project quality goals and exit criteria, while tracking responsibilities and prioritized items for verification and validation.

Risk-based testing

Provides risk-based testing for prioritizing the features and functions to be tested based on importance and likelihood or impact of failure, supporting risk management best practices.


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