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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) consulting services

Maximize Your Software Potential with Expert ALM Consulting

Application Lifecycle Management consulting services

The execution of any large project involving the creation of complex software requires the right tools to monitor the work, document requirements and changes, and oversee the testing process. A comprehensive approach to optimizing the software development process will always lead to better results than focusing on individual areas that are isolated from the context of the other areas. We must not forget that software development is a team sport.

SmarterProcess specializes in implementing complete software and sytem lifecycle management solutions that allow us to combine data from all areas of the software development process. As part of our projects, we first help our clients understand the essence of ALM and adapt its concepts to the realities of their organization.

We help clients optimize their development processes for both formal methodologies and agile approaches. The way of working is always important in this type of projects, so our team of specialists helps to select the tools that best fit the goals set by the client.

In the area of application lifecycle management, we are happy to support customers in:

  • Training in the area of application life cycle and optimization of software development processes
  • Evaluation, analysis, and optimization of the current software development process
  • Selection of tools according to the needs, maturity of the organization and budget possibilities,
  • Implementation of tools from the area of ALM
  • Implementation of the application lifecycle management process in tools,
  • Implementation of the first projects in accordance with the developed rules for application lifecycle management.

In our projects, we tailor tools to how the client works, not the other way around. In the area of application lifecycle management, we prefer IBM, Microsoft and open source tools.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss if the service makes sense for your company.

Software and Systems Engineering are our passions.

At SmarterProcess, we always try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and the projects we deliver are always done with passion and a focus on tangible results.

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