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Engineering / Jazz Deployment Services

IBM Engineering / Jazz Platform Installation, Migration, Upgrade Services

IBM Engineering Platform Installation, Migration, Upgrade Services

SmarterProcess / ReqPro provides to customers a service to install an IBM Engineering Jazz Platform on the local infrastructure or using cloud environments. Depending on the existing needs of customer and project requirements the services may include:

  • Architecture design
  • Sizing (hardware, memory, storage, operating system, database, application server
  • Hardware Configuration review
  • Installation, migration, or upgrade of IBM Engineering (Jazz Platform)
  • Installation of Jazz Team Server Components depending on the purchased licenses and needed capabilities:
    • Jazz Team Server (JTS)
    • IBM Engineering Workflow Management (Rational Team Concert / CCM)
    • IBM Engineering DOORS Next (Rational DOORS Next Generation / RM)
    • IBM Engineering Test Management (Rational Quality Manager / QM)
    • IBM Engineering Jazz Reporting Services (JRS)
    • IBM Engineering Rhapsody Modeling Manager
    • IBM Engineering Global Configuration
    • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Engineering Insights (RELM)
    • IBM Engineering Link Index Provider
    • IBM HTTP (Proxy Server)
    • IBM DB2

Infrastructure configuration

Database setup
  • Derby
  • DB2
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
Application Server installation
  • IBM Websphere Liberty Profile
  • IBM Websphere Server
Authetification – user registry type
  • IBM Websphere Liberty Profile>
  • Active Directory / LDAP without SSO
  • Active Directory / LDAP with SSO
Performance tuning
  • Java Heap (loading of correct amount of memory to the server)
  • Startup script adjustment
  • Latency Measurement
  • Automatic Startup
  • Installing updates and fix packs
  • Email notifications setup
  • Installation and configuration of SSL certificates
  • Installation and configuration of monitoring service
  • Auto-startup
  • Backups
  • Installing patches

One size does not fit all - IBM Engineering / Jazz Deployment Services

Tell us the size of your organization and we will prepare instance sizing and install IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management tools in a way it will provide scalability, security, and performance.

In most of the cases, we implement following architecture styles recommended by IBM:

  • Trial environments
  • Training environments
  • Departmental environments
  • Departmental topology
  • Enterprise topology
  • Federated topology
  • Modified federated topology

Please contact us for more information or to discuss if the service makes sense for your company.

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Software and Systems Engineering are our passions.

At SmarterProcess, we always try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and the projects we deliver are always done with passion and a focus on tangible results.

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