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IBM Engineering Jazz Hosting - Managed Service

Experience Seamless Engineering with Jazz Hosting Managed Services

SmarterProcess / ReqPro – Smart Engineering Cloud

The Smart Engineering Cloud offering migrates, implements and manages your IBM development lifecycle tools in the cloud for you. With our team as your IBM partner for these managed services, you can focus on engineering and developing the products that drive your business instead of constantly managing your environment. Forget about infrastructure, constant updates, upgrades and backups – our team takes care of that so you can do what really matters.

The Smart Engineering Cloud offering migrates, deploys and manages your IBM development tools in the cloud for you. With our team as your IBM partner for these managed services, you can focus on engineering and developing the products that drive your business instead of constantly managing your environment.

SmarterProcess Hosting Services (IBM Engineering Managed Service)

  • Your environment is deployed on the Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, for performance, security-compliant systems, and reduced costs. You choose data location and together with us define architecture or we just recreate your architecture in the cloud echo system.
  • Get the security of a single-tenant virtual private cloud for deployment, all protected by a VPN tunnel. 
  • Your environment if fully maintained and managed by SmarterProcess / ReqPro team including backups, monitoring, patching, upgrades. Our services still allow you to access your data and deploy custom extensions or reports on the environment.
  • Our services let you BYOL (Bring your own licensing) for the IBM tools you want and sign directly with SmarterProcess / ReqPro for deployment and support services
  • If You do not have licenses, yet it is fine, we can provide licenses as part of the contract including Floating or Token licenses.
  • We will handle technical issues and challenges for You. SmarterProcess / ReqPro is able to provide log file access to IBM support to solve problems without even your involvement. When a product problem exists, we can handle that issue for You.
  • IBM Support has access to the logs they need to diagnose the problem — they know the architecture of the deployment, and they get to a fix much quicker. 
  • Be up to date – SmarterProcess / ReqPro offers automated patching for the version You are currently using.

IBM Engineering Managed Service Benefits in-depth

  • Preparing architecture of the solution with the customer or recreating architecture based on the current topology.
  • Security out of box: Multiple network connectivity options to suit business needs: SSL VPN Client, or Public Internet 
  • Different deployment variants including WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Liberty and DB2.
  • Continuous, proactive 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring of environment 
  • Nightly backups 
  • Integration with the customer user registry
  • Customer Success Reviews to ensure your business goals are consistently met. 
  • Deployment of CLM, ELM, CE and DOORS Legacy tools to the cloud
  • Integration of client-side plugins to your environment 
  • Deploying custom extensions for CLM products, including Java plugins, RPE reports, DNG Widgets.
  • Administration change management – user changes, group creation, account security configuration 
  • Maintenance and patching work to always ensure a stable and secure application environment 
  • Production environment migrations, including the transfer of all data and/or custom templates 
  • Incident and support ticket resolution 
  • Two upgrades per product per year.
  • Tools supported: 
    • IBM Engineering DOORS Next
    • IBM Engineering Workflow Management
    • IBM Engineering Test Management
    • IBM Engineering Jazz Reporting Services
      • Data Collection Component
      • Lifecycle Query Engine
      • Report Builder
    • Link Index Provider
    • IBM Engineering Rhapsody Modelling Manager
    • IBM Engineering Global Configuration
    • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Engineering Insights
    • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Publishing

Please contact us for more information or to discuss if the service makes sense for your company.

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