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Requirements Engineering consulting services

Transform Your Business Ideas into Reality with Expert Requirements Engineering Consulting

Requirements Engineering consulting services

Requirements management is one of the most complex disciplines in software development and is practically always decisive for the course of project implementation and the final result. Since the beginnings of SmarterProcess / ReqPro, we have been supporting our customers in this field by promoting the importance of requirements management worldwide. Our experience in this area has been confirmed by delivering projects for major customers in the public sector, automotive and industry, where requirements play a special role in the product development phase and further maintenance.

We are happy to support our customers in the area of requirements engineering

Training in requirements analysis and business analysis

The key to effective requirements management lies in knowing the techniques used to gather requirements from the customer and the process by which these requirements are managed during software or system development. Very often, organizations need to have knowledge not only of requirements management, but also of the processes that are required of them during product development. At SmarterProcess, we approach the challenge of training our customers in such a way that we offer comprehensive training packages that cover both the process and tooling parts to provide our customers with end-to-end training that covers all their needs and thus works in the most efficient way.

Evaluation and analysis of the current software requirements management process

The implementation of a requirements management process is almost always preceded by a continuous analysis process. Most organizations manage requirements in some form, sometimes without even realizing it. Many organizations have developed their own internal processes and tools over the years, which can always be improved or modernized by implementing modern requirements management tools from vendors such as IBM or Jama. At SmarterProcess, we always analyze the existing state as a basis on which we can build a complementary solution and to which we can refer after implementing new process elements and how they affect the efficiency of the organization.

Adaptation of requirements management processes for IEEE 1233 or IEEE 29148, ASPICE, dFMEA, functional safety (ISO 26262), DO-176B and DO-176C standards

There are many organizational maturity models such as CMMI or ASPICE and standards and norms such as dFMEA, ISO26262, DO-176B/C or others that organizations need to implement if they want to survive in the current business reality of executing projects in their industry. In most of these maturity models or standards, requirements management is one of the core requirements or processes that an organization must meet in order to implement the standard or norm. At SmarterProcess, I help organizations to implement requirements that are placed on the organization in the form of various standards and norms. In doing so, we increase the organization’s maturity and awareness in the area of requirements management.

Selection of tools depending on requirements, maturity of the organization and budget options

Implementing a requirements management process alone is not enough for organizations that need mechanisms to monitor, automate or report on the progress of their projects or product development phases. Many companies need specialized software from vendors such as IBM, Jama or Siemens to meet these requirements. We help our customers select the right tool based on process requirements, organizational requirements, other tools to be integrated or budget

Implementation of tools from the requirements management area

As SmarterProcess, we specialize in implementing tools for our customers and adapting them to the requirements of our customers’ processes. A good requirements management tool should be able to implement the requirements management process used by the customer and also integrate with other tools used by the customer in areas such as change management or quality management.
The mapping of the requirements management process is a key element that influences the success of the implementation of a requirements management tool.

Implementation of the first projects according to the developed rules for requirements engineering

The implementation of a requirements management process and a tool designed to support organizations in this area requires an appropriate review of the implementation carried out, which is best done in a real project. The implementation of requirements management should be carried out as a separate project, which should ultimately be verified by a commercial project or a product implemented by the customer, allowing an evaluation of the benefits and improvements brought by the process and tool implemented by the customer in a real environment.

In our projects, we tailor tools to how the client works, not the other way around. In the area of requirements engineering, we prefer IBM, Jama Software, Sparx and open source tools.

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Software and Systems Engineering are our passions.

At SmarterProcess, we always try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and the projects we deliver are always done with passion and a focus on tangible results.

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