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Introduction to HCL AppScan Standard

Secure Your Applications with Confidence Using HCL AppScan Standard

Overview - Introduction to HCL AppScan Standard

In this two-day course, you will learn how to effectively use HCL AppScan Standard Edition. The course shows you how to create security scans for web applications and web services, and how to review, prioritize, and evaluate the results of your scans. You’ll also learn how to optimize your scan to make it efficient and accurate, and learn some advanced techniques to help you scan your applications. You’ll also learn about the different ways you can customize AppScan using the AppScan SDK and the eXtensions Framework (AXF).


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Scan Web applications for security issues using AppScan Standard Edition
  • Scan Web services for security issues using AppScan Standard Edition
  • Review scan results, filter false positives, prioritize issues and communicate them to stakeholders
  • Create reports based on discovered security issues
  • Optimize scan configuration and use advanced techniques to scan Web applications
  • Understand how to extend AppScan’s functionality using the AppScan SDK and AppScan eXtensions framework
  • Troubleshoot AppScan Standard Edition

Duration: 2 day (16 hours)
Type: Instructor-led Classroom (workshop)
Location: Remote or On-site
Language: English
Audience: This course is intended for security professionals and participants should have a basic knowledge of web application security and the http(s) standard.
Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

Outline - Introduction to HCL AppScan Standard


Course Overview and AppScan product family

Introduction to HCL AppScan

AppScan Standard Edition Overview


Installation and Setup


Making the Most of Your Installation

Scans preparations

Configuring a Scan

Scans execution

Running a Scan


Reviewing Scan Results


Creating Reports

Complex applications

Scanning Web 2.0 Applications

Session management

Complex Login and Session Management

License management

License management and reporting

Malware and content-based scanning

Malware, Content-based and Widget Scanning

Performance optimization

Optimizing your Scan

Advanced scan configuration

Configuring Advanced Scan Settings

Web Services

Scanning Web Services


Extending HCL AppScan Standard Edition


Troubleshooting HCL AppScan Standard Edition

Benefits of completing the training Introduction to HCL AppScan Standard

Participating in HCL AppScan Standard training can offer several benefits, depending on your role and organizational needs. Here are some potential advantages:

  • Acquire a deep understanding of application security principles, methodologies, and best practices, ensuring a solid foundation for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.
  • Receive expert guidance on using the HCL AppScan Standard Platform, exploring its features and capabilities to conduct thorough security assessments of applications.
  • Engage in hands-on exercises and simulations, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. This practical experience enhances your ability to use the AppScan platform effectively.
  • Completion of the training may provide certification options, validating your expertise in utilizing the HCL AppScan Standard Platform and boosting your credibility in the field of application security.
  • Learn advanced techniques for identifying, prioritizing, and managing vulnerabilities effectively within the AppScan platform, enabling you to enhance the overall security posture of applications.
  • Understand how to customize and automate security scans using the AppScan platform, streamlining the process of identifying and remediating vulnerabilities and integrating security seamlessly into the development lifecycle.
  • Explore strategies for integrating security practices into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), ensuring that security considerations are an integral part of the development process from inception to deployment.
  • Join a community of professionals with similar interests in application security, fostering networking opportunities that can lead to collaboration, knowledge exchange, and career advancement within the industry.

As always, it’s essential to review the specific details of the training program to ensure it aligns with your learning objectives and expectations.

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