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Introduction to IBM DOORS 9.7 (IBM Rational DOORS)

Master Requirements Management with IBM DOORS 9.7

Overview - Introduction to IBM DOORS 9.7 (IBM Rational DOORS)

This course is designed for new users of IBM DOORS. It introduces the basic concepts and functions of IBM DOORS. It includes hands-on exercises in which users learn to create, edit, manipulate, analyze and request data in IBM DOORS.
This course teaches how to define, elaborate, organise, and requirements data in IBM Rational DOORS, as well as managing the traceability between various levels and types of requirements.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to work with IBM DOORS 9.7 and use the key features of the solution. This one-day course is the essence of knowledge about the basics of working with IBM DOORS. The training will allow participants to quickly get started working with the tool, so that the main needs and expectations related to requirements management can be addressed in ongoing projects.

Duration: 1 day (8 hours)
Type: Instructor-led Classroom (workshop)
Location: Remote or On-site
Language: English
Audience: This basic course is for new IBM DOORS users.
Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

Outline - Introduction to IBM DOORS 9.7 (IBM Rational DOORS)

Navigate an IBM DOORS Database

Log in to a Rational DOORS database.

Navigate the database hierarchy.

Configure the Rational DOORS Explorer display options.

Demonstrate the use of Favorites

Viewing Information

Open a formal module

Navigate through a formal module

Use basic display controls to control layout

Editing Information

Edit existing information.

Apply rich text formatting.

Perform spelling and grammar checks on entered information.


Create, move, and delete data in an IBM® Rational® DOORS® module.

Identify and implement hierarchical data structures in a Rational DOORS document.

Capturing Additional Information

Use attributes to capture additional information about objects.

Use columns to view information about objects.

Change attribute values.

Working with Microsoft Word Documents

Describe the effect of Microsoft Word paragraph styles on a Rational DOORS export.

Identify and correct paragraph style problems in Microsoft Word in preparation for an export to Rational DOORS.

Export a document from Microsoft Word to Rational DOORS.

Generate a document from Rational DOORS using the Document Generation capability.

Working with Microsoft Word Documents

Locate information in a database.

Locate information in a document or module.

Replace located data.

Go directly to a specific object or section.

Manipulating the Display

Create a simple filter to select information that meets a single criterion.

Save and manage views to apply filter conditions.

Generate a document that displays filtered attributes

Creating Traceability

Describe the purpose of traceability.

Link objects together to create traceability.

Delete links between objects to correct traceability.

Traceability Analysis

Use traceability to analyze the impact of a changed requirement or failed test.

Use the traceability links to navigate to different levels of information.

Create a column containing information about linked data.

Create an advanced filter that uses multiple selection criteria.

Inserting Information in Other Formats

Insert information in a non-native format (OLE).

Edit OLE objects.


Create a new discussion thread against an object.

Close and re-open a discussion thread that you have started.

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