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Introduction to IBM Engineering Document Builder

Transform Your Documentation Process with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization Publishing Document Builder (RPE NG)

Overview - Introduction to IBM Engineering Document Builder (RPE NG)

A one-day workshop introducing the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization Publishing Web interface called Document Builder. Participants will learn how to transfer existing report generation from the desktop version of IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization Publishing (RPE NG) to the web interface and become familiar with all the elements of the interface that need to be considered.

The presenter will pay special attention to how to optimize the work with the tool in terms of licensing and end-user productivity.


The goal of the training is to teach you in a practical way how to work with the Publishing Document Builder interface and how to transfer the reports you currently have into the tool. The workshop pays special attention to the practical aspect of using the tool and discusses the different situations in which the tool should be used or other ways of creating reports should be used.

Duration: 1 day (8 hours)
Type: Instructor-led Classroom (workshop)
Location: Remote or On-site
Language: English
Audience: This course is designed for Business/Requirements Analyst, Systems / Software Engineer and Product Manager
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of JavaScript XML, HTTP/s, Word, PDF, IBM Engineering Platform, IBM Engineering Optimization Publishing (Rational Publishing Engine)

Outline - Introduction to IBM Engineering Document Builder (RPE NG)

Introduction to IBM Document Builder (RPE NG)

Basic concepts for reporting authoring and generation using RPE

Differences between RPE and DB

Discussion about the main differences in RPE and Document Builder


Licensing model and ways to optimize it

Report generation for ELM and DB

Differences in report generation with IBM ELM and Document Builder

Reports generation from DB

Best practices in report generation using Document Builder

Reports configuration

Best practices related to report configuration and naming convention


Best practices in template management, naming convention and uploading.


Best practices in creation of IBM Engineering Reportable API requests.


Using scripts and creating script library that can be used by report templates


Ways of logs analysis and search for potential issues


Best practices related to installation and configuration of Document Builder

Long-generating reports

Managing long-running report generations

Benefits of completing the training Introduction to IBM Engineering Document Builder

Participating in Introduction to IBM Engineering Document Builder training can offer several benefits, depending on your role and organisational needs. Here are some potential advantages:

  • Gain expertise in using IBM Engineering Document Builder to efficiently create, manage, and generate complex engineering documents across the development lifecycle.
  • Learn how to author structured documents using Document Builder, ensuring consistency and adherence to document standards throughout the organization.
  • Understand how Document Builder integrates seamlessly with other IBM Engineering tools, facilitating the incorporation of data from various sources into comprehensive and coherent documents.
  • Acquire skills in creating and customizing document templates to meet specific project and organizational requirements, ensuring flexibility in document design.
  • Explore features that enable the automation of document workflows, improving efficiency in document creation, review, and approval processes.
  • Learn how to manage document versions and baselines effectively, providing a structured approach to document changes and updates.
  • Understand how to create traceability matrices and reports within documents, fostering transparency and enabling stakeholders to trace relationships between different engineering artifacts.
  • Enhance collaboration among team members and stakeholders by leveraging Document Builder’s capabilities for collaborative authoring and reviewing of engineering documents.

Participating in IBM Engineering Document Builder training equips individuals with the skills needed to leverage the tool effectively, streamlining document creation processes and improving communication and collaboration within engineering teams.

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