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Introduction to IBM Engineering Test Management (Rational Quality Manager)

Increase efficiency and quality of software delivery with test planning, workflow control, tracking with IBM Engineering Test Management

Overview - Introduction to IBM Engineering Test Management (Rational Quality Manager)

This course is intended for new users of IBM Engineering Test Management. It introduces the basic and advanced concepts and features of IBM Engineering Test Management. It includes hands-on exercises that teach users to create, edit, manipulate, and analyze quality assurance data, including test cases, test plans, test scripts, and test results in IBM Engineering Test Management


By the end of this course, participants will be able to work with IBM Engineering and use the key features of the solution. This two-day course is the essence of knowledge about the basics of working with IBM Engineering Test Management. The training will allow participants to quickly get started working with the tool and meet the key requirements and expectations related to quality management in ongoing projects.

Duration: 2 day (16 hours)
Type: Instructor-led Classroom (workshop)
Location: Remote or On-site
Language: English
Audience: This course is for new users. Anyone who need to understand how to plan and manage a test effort.
Prerequisites: Not applicable

Outline - Introduction to IBM Engineering Test Management (Rational Quality Manager)

ELM Introduction

ELM  Overview and Capabilitites

ELM  Features and Traceability


Introduction to ETM (RQM)

Overview of ETM (RQM)

ETM Project areas

Navigating the ETM application

Using a dashboard

Planning the test effort

Test plan overview

Manage test plan templates

Create a detailed test plan

Customize a test plan

Assign sections to team members

Developing the test plan

Find assigned test plan sections

Align requirements and development plans

Define risks

Define test schedules and test estimation

Define platform coverage and test environments

Evaluation the test plan

Run planning reports

Prepare a test plan for review

Review a test plan

Approve a test plan

Developing test cases

Test case overview

Generate test cases from requirements

Create a test case

Detail a test case

Developing test suites

Test suites overview

Developing test suites

Developing test scripts

Test scripts overview

Creating and defining test scripts

Using keywords

Managing test execution records

Test execution record overview

Generating test execution records

Assigning, sorting, and filtering test execution records

Running tests

Running manual tests

Submitting defects

Test execution results

Running test suites

Running automated tests

Reporting test status

Reports overview

Running reports

Customizing reports


Extending product functionallity


Q&A session

Benefits of completing the training Introduction to IBM Engineering Test Management

Participating in IBM Engineering Test Management training can offer several benefits, depending on your role and organizational needs. Here are some potential advantages:

  • Develop expertise in using IBM Engineering Test Management, a comprehensive tool for planning, managing, and executing software testing activities.
  • Learn to create well-organized and effective test plans that align with project requirements and goals.
  • Acquire skills in designing test cases that thoroughly cover system functionalities and execute them efficiently within the ETM platform.
  • Understand how to establish traceability between test artifacts, requirements, and development items, enabling comprehensive coverage analysis.
  • Explore collaboration features that facilitate communication among team members, enhancing overall efficiency in the testing process.
  • Learn how to use ETM for tracking and managing defects throughout the testing lifecycle, ensuring prompt identification and resolution.
  • Understand how to integrate IBM ETM with other development and testing tools, fostering a seamless and collaborative development environment.
  • Gain insights into creating meaningful reports and leveraging analytics features within ETM to monitor testing progress and make informed decisions.

Remember to consider your specific needs and organizational goals when evaluating the benefits of training in IBM Engineering Test Management.

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